26 Jul 2020 - 10 Aug 2020

Virtual dance intensive by Daloy Dance Company connecting Philippine artists, movers, creators, educators, and dreamers worldwide. Offerings include workshops and classes by renowned Philippine artists from around the world, town hall discussion panels, showings by the faculty virtually over Zoom, and lasting connections from the Philippine motherland to the Filipinx diaspora.

Mar will be collaborating closely with the Crimson Fiddler, Nick DeFrancesco (based in Manchester, NH) throughout the two-week intensive.

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thurs, 6 aug 2020 // 8:30a est

Decolonization in Dance

Thurs, 6 Aug 2020 8:30am-10:30pm EST

Free & open to the public // Recording available // Register by emailing Ugnayan Admin.

Join Nikaio Thomashow, Marie Lloyd Paspe, and the Crimson Fiddler AKA Nick DeFrancesco in discussing the artists' personal journeys in re-rooting, re-learning, and re-membering their Filipinx experience through their art making and practices. We open the floor to find parallels between Mar's "classical" ballet training and Nick's "classical" voice and eurocentric instrument training as the medium to express and explore decolonization in art. 


suspended femme

fri, 7 aug 2020 // 8:30a est

SUSPENDED FEMME: tisyu paper

Split-bill performance with Joy Alpuerto Ritter

Watch live Fri, 7 Aug 2020 | 8:30am EST // Recording of performance available

Suggested donation: $5-15

Reserve tickets / recording of show here.

together but alone. unravel the vignettes of a Filipinx femme's wild imaginations quarantined within her mother's home. forced to pare all identities raw, she suspends between the delicate balance of pleasure and pain, what's there and what isn't, what unravels and what holds. "tisyu paper" mixes film, deconstructive design, quarantined spaces, and live dance performance with live music by the Crimson Fiddler aka Nick DeFrancesco.

Concept/choreography/vocals: Marie Lloyd Paspe; music composition/live accompaniment: Crimson Fiddler aka Nick DeFrancesco; translations/vocals by Marie's mother Myla Luna; recordings by Dr. Leny Strobel; set design/self film by Marie Lloyd Paspe; live videography by s. lumbert; ongoing project funded by Queens Arts Council.

still from "tisyu paper" film


Decolonizing the Contemporary Body

Open Level

Movement Workshop with live accompaniment by the Crimson Fiddler, Nick DeFrancesco

Sun, 2 Aug 2020 | 11am-1pm EST

Tues, 4 Aug 2020 | 8a-10am EST

Suggested donation: $10-20 // package and day rates available 

Take class from recording here.

Navigating through a collaborative space between discussion-based lab and play, we explore the magic of possibilities that arrive from dreaming, listening, observing, researching, and connecting to ancestral wisdom, indigenous roots, and multitudinous tissues of identity. Through the lens of indigenous Philippines, colonized history, national shame, and queer/fluid identities, we work with live music to connect our myofascial meridians of our present bodies to the ancestral experiences, traumas, and joys written in our connective tissues. What we question and what we are left to know are integral inquiries to our understanding of identity and potential. With permission to change, laugh, cry, fail - how can our imperfect selves heal and plant seeds that ground our present selves to those that come after and to those who came before?

photo by Alexx Duvall


Advanced Level

Technique class

Sun, 26 Jul 2020 | 8pm-9:30pm EST

Fri, 7 Aug 2020 | 1pm-2:30p EST

Suggested donation: $10-20 // package and day rates available 

Class Registration here.

In this class we attune to the floor with your body in its rawest, most skeletal form. With focus on the grounded body, we explore how our systems of movement are sourced by the Earth and its core in relationship to our spinal suspension from the Heavens. Class focuses on distributing our weight into our hands and torso. We move as one with our environment and with our quarantined spaces, dancing with the floor as our intimate and trusted dance partners.

photo by Jason Lam

- BIOS -

THE CRIMSON FIDDLER aka Nick DeFrancesco (they/them) 

Nick DeFrancesco received a Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance in 2015 from the renowned Manhattan School of Music and studied under the American tenor Neil Rosenshein.  While studying in New York, Nick's vocal performances included: the New York Choral Consortium's New York Philharmonic debut at Avery fisher Hall, Lincoln Center; Jules Massenet's Thais under the direction of George Mahahan at Borden Auditorium; the Empire City Men's Chorus at Carnegie Hall; The Kennedy Center Millenium Stage in Washington, D.C. MSM Chamber Choir under the direction of Kent Tritle and as a soloist at St. John the Divine Cathedral, NYC. They trained and performed with the New England Conservatory of Music and the Boston University Tanglewood Institute. Nick performed as a vocalist at Tanglewood with the Boston Pops under the direction of John Williams and as a young(14 y/o) violinist toured seven countries in Europe with the New England Ambassadors of Music. 

Nick is currently a full time musician playing regularly in a Classical Trio and with the Amanda McCarthy Band as the Crimson Fidder.  Using their identity as the Crimson Fidder, Nick wants to use their knowledge of music to expand on the reality of sound.  Classical music does not have to sound Eurocentric, and using the disciplines that Nick has studied, they wish to expand the imagination of what beauty means with sound.  Having studied, and toured, the European arts of Opera and Violin, Nick's goal is to find the sound of Filipinx's true voice and the identity that has been rewritten through the centuries.   


photo by Jess Perry


Being Filipina-American in the Eurocentric Dance World

Fri, 31 Jul 2020 | 12pm-2pm EST

Free recording available // email Ugnayan Admin.

Join facilitator Nikaio Thomashow and Marie Lloyd Paspe in discussing tokenism, discrimination, assimilation, mental health, longevity, and joy as a brown Filipina-American body on the American dance stage.

photo by Jason Lam


Tues, 28 Jul 2020 | 9p-10p EST

Suggested donation:$3-$10 for recording of performance

Recording available // email Ugnayan Admin.

Join me as I host the multidisciplinary Performance Ritual for Black Lives Matter, a split-bill evening featuring Filipinx artists Melani De Guzman and Tiffany Mangulabnan. This powerful showing features how Filipinx artists show up and continuously advocate for and learn from our Black American communities.

Tiffany is premiering her dance film Her Pride, featuring the beautiful Cortney Taylor Key and her story as a powerful, fearlessly authentic, queer Black artist in these current pandemic times. 

Melani is presenting her live, site specific improvisation performance BLM 8:46, confronting the story of a marginalized group battling internalized racism. She is asking important questions about how we can advocate for Black communities and challenge anti-Black oppression both inside and outside our communities.

I will be hosting the post-show talkback, spear-heading the discussion of how we Filipinx artists and non-Black POCs can SHOW UP for our Black families and communities. How Filipinx and our ancestral past of land displacement, colonisation, and westernisation can deeply relate to the Black struggles in America -- and THUS, how we can show up fiercely and IN ALLYSHIP with and for our Black folx/women/trans/human family and communities. We will generously share the ways in which our privilege gives us both duty and diligence to advocate for our Black friends, in the capabilities we have to do so.

Xo, I hope you will join us.


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