Marie Lloyd Paspe  

New York, NY


With my knowledge of the body, passion for efficiency, and extensive training in dance and kinesthetic movement, my aim is to share my love for form and function of the body through the breadth of Pilates. I encourage each of my clients to achieve their goals by creating individualized session plans, retaining clients for the long-run. With every session or class, I take care of the individual body or bodies in the room to make sure the work out is as effective and beneficial as possible, utilizing breath-to-body connection, mind-body awareness, and lively but clear cues. 

Professional Experience

Instructor | Balanced Pilates NYC | Harlem, LES, Riverdale
Studio Owner: Anna Djangirov
Apr 2017 - Present
-Balanced Body apparatus: reformer, cadillac, springboard, tower, chair, ladder barrel
-MindBody software experience
-Teaches form-oriented, thematic contemporary/classical classes with extensive thought to flow of sequence, use of all movement planes, and transitions between exercises and equipment changes
-Creates nurturing environment that encourages, supports, and pushes client(s) for privates and duets
-Detail-oriented and client-focused: caters to each individual person in the studio for building client relationships and retaining clientele
-Experience in teaching clients of all ages, all ranges of bodies, prenatal, men, rehab and injury prevention

Instructor | Groundfloor Exercise | Upper West Side
Studio Owner: Joie Gregoire
Nov 2016 - Present
-Custom-made Pilates apparatus: reformer, cadillac, tower, chair, ladder barrel
-Provides excellent quality client care and attention to correct for and detail when supervising studio's semi-private sessions
-Plans creative and effective sessions for privates and duets
-Extensive experience teaching and making progress with older / injury prevention-focused clientele
-Able to navigate and communicate calmly, effectively, and professionally around clientele's personalities

Guest Sub Instructor | Scarborough Pilates | Scarborough, ME
Studio Owner: Wendee Rogerson
Aug 2017 - Present (Seasonal)
-Balanced Body apparatus: reformer, tower, cadillac, chair
-MindBody software experience
-Teaches form-focused, whole-body, challenging and effective reformer and mat sequences to larger classes of 7-10 clients
-Experience teaching reformer-only classes, jumpboard cardio sculpt, circuit cardio classes, mat classes, men-only class, prenatal, privates, and duets
-Able to quickly assess clients and to integrate my short-term goals for clients with studio owner's long-term goals into my sessions in only a couple of weeks
-Learns quickly, takes feedback well, and craves constructive criticism in order to keep improving her sessions

Training Certification

Balanced Pilates NYC
Anna Djangirov
July 2017
Mat and Comprehensive Balanced Body Apparatus


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